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Hello there

I'm Anu, a 30 year old self taught Artist - Graphic - website designer from New Delhi, India who specialises in Canvas Paintings creating Logo, Graphics, Flash Presentation, and web-sites using CSS, HTML, xhtml, wordpress and designing at Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Corel Draw and After Effect.

Hmmm, i wasted a lot of years with frnds and partying it up, no direction in life, just trying to satisfy immediate and shallow desires. To be politacally correct, you can say I have lost some brain cells and gained few scars on my forehead. However, if you take one step backwards, you must take two steps forward. I was aimlessly going from job to job after college. I don't know what was wrong with me.
Looking back, I think to myself 'what a loser'. But, that is life. And you push forward >> 1 day a frnd of mine demonstrated to me dis thing we call the Internet. It was a pivotal moment. I was fascinated, and immediately hooked. So much so that I became a nerdy "designer". That lasted a couple of years. I was designing databases and programming web based applications in a matter of weeks. This experience landed me my first 'real job' at Delhi, as a designer.

now i enjoy my life and career as a "Aritst - Designer"
Abt my nature I am a simple person; according to view of others they can think me as what I am. An People may die but relations never dies So keep on touch, give me scrap I'm looking good fndz for the long time if someone interested Plz Welcome

I was born in Hoshiyarpur and belong to sikh family i miss my friends, family and my punjab

"you can take the boy out of Punjab, but you can't take Punjab out of the boy. !!!!!!!!!!!!!". buraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa